We only hold one phone line and may be busy at the time you are calling or no one currently available to answer. Please hold the line and one of our members of staff will be with you shortly. If you are waiting too long, please try again later. In case of emergency, consider calling us again, if your call is unanswered for long time. We apologise for any inconvenience as somedays we are getting a high volume of calls.

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Email us your enquiry and we shall respond as soon as possible. Usually we reply within 24 hours in working days, weekends and other holidays may take longer. If you are a new customer, please make sure you include your name, email address, phone number and the address where you need us to do the work. Please let us know if you wish to have the invoice on a different address then the one where the work will be done. Use attachments if required and make sure that they are "word" or equivalent, "pdf" or equivalent or any picture format. Other formats of attachment like compressed files or applications and programs will be considered as a threat and the email will be deleted without opening it. To make it simple, if it does not make sense what we have explained, then you should not be concerned about not being able to contact us via email.

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Save energy! Save money!
"Smart" is the trend! Smart/phone, smart/house, smart/meter, smart/thermostat. We can help you control your consumption and save money. Contact us today and find out how! Be smart!

Save time! Save money!

Save time and money. Have you ever thought that calling the builders on separate jobs will cost you more? The biger the job, more workmen at the time and the job will be time and cost effective for you! Think about it!
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